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AliveAdvisor Services Sell-On-Site Marketplace


A sturdy online platform that helps you to quickly launch and operate your services in a global marketplace.


Your global services marketplace enables you to offer more, grasp more, and sell more.


Offer the right services at the right time. AliveAdvisors’ global services marketplace empowers you to connect with your customers like never before.


Convenient for Customers


Offer the right combination of products and services to your customers. Proffer the convenience they look forward to.


Expand Revenues


Offer complete solutions with services required by customers. Thereby increase your share of the revenue.


Welcome the Revolution


Services are all set to revolutionize eCommerce. It permits businesses to offer distinctly personalized services.


Standalone or Complementary

Global Services Marketplace with AliveAdvisor


Looking to offer more to your customers? AliveAdvisors’ global services support the isolated digital transformation of both B2B and B2C companies.


Standalone Global Services


By launching a global marketplace for services, you become a high-quality destination for experiences your customers are seeking.


Complimentary Services


Leverage value-added complimentary services for your products. They enhance the buying and ownership experience for customers across categories.


AliveAdvisor Marketplace Global Services

Swift & Scalable


The AliveAdvisor services platform is built to make your global marketplace management an easy task.


Set Quality Standards


Control at scale to enhance the end customer experience. Operators have easy access to onboard service providers.


Service Management


Providers can manage services with simple tools catering to specific needs, including location and availability management.


Both these solutions by Octobotic’s AliveAdvisor are flexible, scalable, and secure in the cloud.


Access the most widely acquired 

global management software


Get a quick start with tools and features to launch and grow your global services marketplace with AliveAdvisor.


  • Quality Control: Manage automated rules to surround performance. Ratings and reviews to control service quality and customer satisfaction.
  • Location Management: With addresses managed by Google Maps integration, it is easy to manage where services can be provided.
  • Flexible Services: With unlimited attributes catering to simple and complex service qualities, you can create flexible and dynamic services.
  • Easy-to-Use Interface: The service provider user interface is mobile-friendly. Providers get a robust set of tools to manage marketplace activity.


And More


  • Scheduling: Flexible calendar scheduling options for customers wanting a preferred date. They can book a time slot based on availability.
  • Pay & Ensure: Customers can book, checkout, reserve, and pay online to ensure that services were provided.
  • Up-Sell & Cross-Sell Services: Start selling updated solutions to cover customer requirements by connecting the right service to products.
  • Customized Experience: Provide service options to support a smooth and flexible buyer journey. Tailor customer experience by surfacing real-time data and provider reviews.


AliveAdvisor Services Global Marketplace

Helping Companies to Derive Customer Value


Cross and Up-Sell Products & Services


Sell complete solutions and drive more convenience.


  • Absolute Solutions: Offer complete complementary services to customers, including installation and repairs.
  • Products & Services: Cross and up-sell. Some services may be the missing link in decisions made by customers.
  • Drive Convenience: Allow customers to pay for products and associate services through a single transaction.


Learn How to Grow Your Business Online

With Octobotic’s AliveAdvisor Global Marketplace


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