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Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

The global digital transformation market size is expected to grow from USD 469.8 billion USD to 1009.8 billion USD by 2025. Increasing adoption of cloud services, penetration of mobile devices and apps are the major growth drivers.


Consumer Brands

Businesses across the world eventually create a prosperous customer experience with brand partners.


B2C Retailers

Your brand means more when you offer customers a bigger catalog where you can rapidly expand offerings.


B2B Manufacturers

A great platform where you can maximize eCommerce and customer happiness. Sell directly to customers.


Distributors & Wholesalers

The fastest and easiest way to expand offerings. AliveAdvisor makes your sales force more productive.


Industrial Supply

How about protecting revenue while growing sales? Enter the global marketplace with high-growth and high-margins.

With the application of digital technologies, certain changes in digital transformation are bound to occur across businesses, organizational activities, processes, competencies, and business models. They will in turn leverage changes and opportunities of a mix to impact society. AliveAdvisor will effectively improve customer experience, optimize the workforce, enhance operational activities, and transform the delivery of products and services.


Virtual World as Real

The cloud and internet technologies are keeping the world running, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses across sectors are working remotely due to social distancing. People worldwide are completely dependent on online services for their needs. Thanks to the internet and cloud computing, AliveAdvisor is keen to keep you still connected.


Market Dynamics

Digital transformation is now a necessity for organizational businesses worldwide. AliveAdvisor facilitates changing customer preferences alongside enhancing operational efficiency. Advanced technologies like the cloud, IoT, big data, analytics, mobility, and social media have made innovation and transformation possible.


Mobile Devices & Apps

The rapid proliferation of mobile devices and apps has increased penetration. They have paved the way for the digitization of several verticals.  Businesses across the world are fast transforming traditional brick-and-mortar merchandising into digital online businesses. Innovative technologies offered by AliveAdvisor have enhanced the importance of mobile applications.


The Forecast Period

The digital transformation market size by an organization is segmented into large, medium, and small-sized enterprises. Technology infrastructure vendors have realized the importance of innovation for digital transformation and brought a major shift into traditional ways of how business is conducted. Digitization enables enterprises to maximize customer experiences and operational efficiencies.


Security & Privacy Concerns

AliveAdvisor understands the security and privacy concerns of confidential data. These are major issues while executing digital enabling technologies. Businesses and organizations around the world increasingly require robust security and privacy for the success of digitization. Portable devices are vulnerable to security breaches through network-based attacks.


Personalized Digital Transformation

There are different sets of online business growth challenges. Enterprise collaboration, sales operation, and digital customer base are to name a few. Transformation solutions should be able to effectively handle them specific to the business segment. Highly personalized digital transformation solutions offered by AliveAdvisor are perfect keeping in mind the nature of your business.


Challenges Ahead

AliveAdvisor effectively addresses issues related to IT modernization. We keep abreast of innovation and modernization of technologies to enable support systems to support digital transformation. We are determined to build a foundation for enterprises that is flexible enough to deliver greater value to customers, employees, and stakeholders.


Albeit complexities, demand for digital infrastructure is increasing by the day. Businesses across the world are entering a fundamentally different culture of design and business model changes. The quest to build a newer cloud-first approach requires initiatives to modernize and enable businesses to work collaboratively with existing systems.




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