Dual Alarm Clock Radio with Wireless Qi Charging

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The JENSEN QiCR-200 digital dual alarm clock radio offers a compact design and convenient charging features that can be used on a nightstand or around your home or office. The unit features two ways to charge your smart phone, wirelessly or using a cord. If your smart phone features wireless charging, then all you do is place it on top of the QiCR-200 and start charging. You can also charge your smart phone using a charging cable (not included) and the 2.1A USB port mounted on the back of the unit. Also featured are two separate alarms that let you wake to the alarm or radio and a digital AM/FM receiver. The large 1.2” white LED display is easy to see from across the room and compliments the overall design. Other features include a dimmer control, sleep and snooze function and digital volume control. The unit operates on 120V AC power, and has a battery back-up feature for saving your time settings in case of a power outage.


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