GTSF Model Black Frame with Gear Shifter Mount

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Launch of the new GTS-F Series. GTR Racing Simulator GTSF Model. You can use either Triple or Single Monitor Setup.

A study in comfort and ergonomic precision, the GTR-F sport seat combines luxury and performance in equal measure. A new design features lateral stitching and GTR lettering, stylish complements to their racing-derived integrated head restraints and deep side bolsters. The 4-way adjustable seat offers the key element of the ideal driving position. Pure comfort is always part of the GTR Simulator performance experience, and the exquisite finish of the GTS-F Racing Simulator outperforms every expectation.

Distinct style, The GTS-F has raised the standard.

Developed entirely by GTR Racing Simulator, the GTS-F features its race-proven technology. The GTS-F Racing Simulator has undergone thorough modification to offer greater driving enjoyment and conform in all driving situations, from the racetrack to rally. Stiffer elastokinematics, revised axle geometry, and larger stabilizer bar sharpen its agility and results in a stiffer and firmer feel.


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