“KETO easy” dessert Tiramisu

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Dessert tiramisu with extremely rich taste, different textures. Close your eyes and return to the heady cat days in Italy. Although designed for those who follow a ketogenic (keto) diet, the taste will surely please the whole. Perfect for pampering one or easing festive concerns. Convenient closing one-serving jar, which will be perfect for adding spices or other trifles. Unique recipe created by Biržai bread technologist Eglė.
friendly to ketogenic
nutrition; low in carbohydrates (compared to traditional desserts and not only ;)); convenient portion size packaging; with almond flour; sweetened with sweetener xylitol. Contains coffee.
We recommend that you store at 0+6 °C. You’re really looking for Biržai bread shops, Sucré bakery houses and friends’ shops.


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