“Petro-Flex®” and “FueLocker®” Auxiliary Marine Fuel Bladder Tanks

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Planning a fishing or boating trip? Long offshore voyage or charter to a distant port or big prize tournament? Concerned that your boat’s fuel capacity will hamper your plans or put you in harms way? Worry no more.

ATL Inc., the world leader in flexible composite technology, is proud to offer a full line of collapsible, on-deck fuel bladder tanks and accessories. ATL’s economical “Petro-Flex”® and innovative “FueLocker”® range-extension tanks are ideal solutions for longer voyages requiring high fuel consumption. They can also be used to “stock up” on lower cost or more reliable, higher quality fuel when at port. Both fuel bladders are made from ATL’s durable military-spec. rubberized fabric, renowned for its superior tensile strength and puncture resistance.

Whether it be the proven “Petro-Flex”® or the high-filling, compact design of the “FueLocker”®, you can be assured that wherever you are going, you will get there and back safely with ATL.


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