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The future of Pharma is an all-in-one system.
Your specialty medication wrapped in a digital therapy.

Customize a treatment plan around your main asset, supply the care team with dependable data, improve patient outcomes, costs and brand favorability.

Antiquated Treatment Plans

Current solutions are
outdated and inefficient

The dispensing of your high cost, high risk drugs in amber vials and packs that patients may not take as prescribed.

No dependable data backed evidence on what actually happens with the medications over the course of treatment and the drug’s efficacy

Uncertainty around whether the treatment plan is adhered to and how to keep patients on track if changes to dosage must be made

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Unified remote medication therapy management platform

ReX stores and administers solid oral medication directly into the patient’s mouth, accounting for every pill.

Receive real-time insights into adherence, side effects and other custom information pertaining to your specific medication.

Care teams are empowered like never before with unparalleled access to timely intervention and care.


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