SECURAM EOS – Wi-Fi Fingerprint Smart Door Lock

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  • SECURAM EOS connects to your home Wi-Fi network for easy remote management and control.
  • Its built-in Wi-Fi protocol allows you to lock and unlock your door using your smartphone, as well as send one-time codes to family members or visitors, and connect to Alexa or Google Home for voice control, and set date-based codes, great for property managers.
  • With a modern appearance and ergonomic milled metal housing, the EOS is the perfect balance of convenience, simplicity, and security.
  • The EOS is paired with a stainless steel deadbolt making it more durable and protecting against rust. With an average of ten unlockings per day, the 4 AA batteries can last at least six months.
  • Easy DIY Installation with just a screwdriver.  With step-by-step instructions on the app, you can install the lock in 15 mins.  Compatible with standard US doors.


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