SNOObear® 3-in-1 White Noise Lovey

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Designed by Dr. Harvey Karp, pediatrician, white noise guru, and author of the popular Happiest Baby and Happiest Toddler parent guides, SNOObear will be so much more than your tot’s trusted friend. This huggable cub is 3 innovative must-haves in one:

  • Responsive white noise: Responds to your baby’s cries to keep them calm and happy longer. And you can take it on the go, thanks to its travel strap and removable white noise speaker box, which allows you to slip it into your diaper bag for an on-the-go helping hand.
  • Cuddly companion: Choose plush or woolly—or both! Tot’s love the different sensory experiences of these special, soothing textures.
  • Playful puppet: Built to entertain and soothe, SNOObear can help you teach little life lessons, like sharing and patience, during playtime.


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